Tentec Omni VII

Type:Amateur HF/VHF transceiver

Frequency range:TX: 10-160 m + WARC/6 m

RX: 0.5-30 / 48-54 MHz


RF Power output:100/100 W



Image rejection:N/A

Voltage:13.8 VDC

Current drain:RX: Max ? A

TX: Max ? A

Impedance:50 ohms, 3*SO-239

Dimensions (W*H*D):? mm

Weight:? Kg

Manufactured:USA, 2006-200x

Other:100 memories. DSP. RS-232C. Built-in Ethernet and internet access.

Spectrum scope. Auto-ATU option.

Suggested price in the US: $2550.00


Frequency Range RX: 100 kHz ? 30 MHz and 48 ? 54 MHz. Specifications should apply within Amateur Radio bands only.

Frequency Range TX: 1.797-2.010, 3.495-4.005, 5.275-5.407, 6.995-7.305, 10.095-10.155, 13.995-14.352, 18.063-18.170, 20.995-21.452, 24.885-24.995, 27.995-29.702, 49.995-54.0 MHz.

Tuning Step Sizes: 1, 10, 100, 1k, 5k, 10k, and 100 kHz.

Frequency Stability: Maximum +/- 0.5 PPM over operating temperature. TCXO standard.

Rated RF Load: 50 ohms nominal.

Antenna Jacks: 2 x SO-239 transceive, 1 x SO-239 receive only.


I-F’s: 1st: 70 MHz, 2nd: 455 kHz, 3rd: 14 kHz.

NTIA Compliance: Meets requirements for frequency stability, not in compliance for transmit occupied bandwidth.

Display: STN transmissive color LCD display with CFL backlight, 320 x 240 pixels.

PC control ports: Serial, EIA-232 standard, DB-9F. Integrated 10 mb/s Ethernet, CAT5 or CAT6, RJ-45.

Supply Voltage: 13.8 Vdc nominal. Reverse-polarity and over-voltage protection standard.

Operating Temperature Range: 0-50 degrees Celsius.

Dimensions (H x W x D): 5.0″ x 12.0″ x 14.75″. Depth measurement includes rear panel heat sink.

Weight: 15.4 lbs. (7 kg).

Construction: Aluminum chassis, steel cabinet, glass-epoxy printed-circuit boards, molded front panel.


SSB Sensitivity: <0.18 uV typical for 10 dB SINAD at 2.4 kHz BW, pre-amp on. <0.5 uV typical for 10 dB SINAD at 2.4 kHz BW, pre-amp off.

AM Sensitivity: <2.5 uV for 10 dB SINAD at 6 kHz BW, 30% modulation, 1 kHz, pre-amp off.

FM Sensitivity: <2.5 uV for 12 dB SINAD at 20 kHz BW, 3 kHz deviation, 1 kHz, pre-amp off.

Selectivity, IF1: at 70 MHz, 20 kHz

Selectivity, IF2: at 455 kHz, 20, 6, 2.5 kHz standard, 500 Hz, 300 Hz, optional.

Selectivity, DSP IF: 37 built-in DSP filters from 200-9000 Hz BW.

IP3 (Third Order Intercept Point): +13 dBm at 20 kHz spacing, +8.5 dBm at 2 kHz spacing, optional 500 Hz I-F filter installed, 500 Hz DSP BW.

IMD3 Dynamic Range: 90 dB @ 20 kHz spacing, 2.5 kHz I-F filter. 78 dB @ 2 kHz spacing, optional 500 Hz I-F filter installed, 500 Hz DSP BW.

Blocking Dynamic Range: 135 dB at 20 kHz spacing, 2.5 kHz I-F filter. 130 dB at 2 kHz spacing with optional 500 Hz filter installed, 500 Hz DSP BW.

LO Phase Noise: -125 dBc/Hz @ 10 kHz, -121 dBc/Hz @ 2 kHz

Image Rejection: > 70 dB.

IF Rejection: > 70 dB.

Other Spurious Response Rejection: > 90 dB, F>1 MHz.

RIT/XIT Range: +/- 8.2 kHz

S-meter Reference: S9 = 50 uV RMS

TX> RX Recovery Time: < 20 ms.

RX Audio Equalizer: Bass/treble boost/cut up to 6 dB/octave.

RX Audio Output: 2W into 4 ohms, <3% THD

RX Headphone Output: Designed for 16-32 ohms impedance headphones. Usable at 8 ohms.

AUX Audio Output: 500 mv

RX Manual Notch Filter: IF DSP,> 50 dB depth, adjustable width.

Auto Notch: IF DSP, multi-tone, adjustable.

RX Noise Reduction: IF DSP, adjustable.

Noise Blanker: IF DSP, adjustable

RX Current Drain: 2A @ 13.8 Vdc, no signal, AF gain at 100%.


Power Output: Adjustable, 100W maximum

CW & SSB Duty Cycle: continuous service @ 100W

AM, FM, AFSK, FSK, PSK Duty Cycle: continuous with cooling fan accessory

Microphone Input Impedance: >10 k-ohms at 1 kHz

Microphone Sensitivity: 1 mV RMS for full power output, internal gain adjustment, dc power for electret elements

AUX Level Input: 200 mv RMS nominal for 100 W, set to 50% independent of mic gain

Speech Processor: RF compression, 0-9 adjustment

TX Bandwidth: 1000-4000 Hz in 200 Hz steps plus 2500 Hz ? 17 total steps

TX Frequency Response: 70-4000 Hz maximum @ 6 dB points, adjustable

TX Speech Monitor: Modulated IF after filtering, processing

SSB Carrier Suppression: > 50 dB

Unwanted Sideband Suppression: > 60 dB at 1 kHz

Harmonic & Spurious Outputs: Meets FCC specifications

T/R Switching: PTT or VOX on SSB, AM, FM, FSK. Adjustable QSK on CW

CW Keyer: Speed range, 5-63 WPM, adjustable weighting, selectable Curtis A/B

CW Rise & Fall Times: Adjustable 3-10 ms

CW Offset: Programmable 100-1270 Hz in 10 Hz steps. Sidetone pitch automatically matches selected CW offset

FM Deviation: +/- 5 kHz peak nominal

Current Drain: 25 A max. @ 100 W output

Optional Antenna Tuner: Internal, L-network, 8 to 600 ohms matching range, 1.8-30 MHz


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